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 Things to do in Florida

( ripples whooshing) – For me the beach at Daytona Beach is so relaxing, nearly healing. It’s got the softest grey sand, it’s got the prefect sized motions , not to large-scale , not to little you get to hear the resound of the ocean, feel it. You can either body surf, wind channel-surf. We can do it all right here in Daytona.( hollering) Everyday either before task or after project I try to get down to the ocean because when I’m down here it merely revitalizes me. I get my vigour back, the sky is blue-blooded, the breeze is fresh, the peoples of the territories are friendly and everyone just says hello and is enjoying the sand and the channel-surf just like I am.( waves whooshing ).

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 Things to do in Florida

Today we doing our top five cheap things to do in Miami.  So without further ado, here are my top cheap things to do in Miami.

1. Let’s start this little tour off at South Beach because if you didn’t go to South Beach, did you really go to Miami at all.  You can spend an entire day at the beach in the water watching boats.

There’s also a pier where you can fish or watch or watch some huge yachts and cruise ships go and out of but expect some high-priced restaurants and parking and a lot of crowds.

2.  Next stop Ocean Drive which yes it’s a South Beach but I feel like this could be an entire day itself. There’s the famous Art Deco buildings tons of famous Art Deco buildings, tons of shopping and definitely rent one of these bikes to get around easier because parking can be a madhouse

3. Ten minutes away is the famous Wynwood art district there’s a gated Wynwood art district area to see a certain mural but the area to see is the streets that are flooded with tons of art on the building sidewalks. It’s on all the building sidewalks and it is completely free besides the reasonably priced Park starting at about $2 an hour There’s also farmers market shops and a lot of restaurants it’s a must-see if a lot of restaurants in the area you’re in the area.

4.  Fort Lauderdale:  South Beach is all about the night clubsw where you will find the beautiful people the high-priced luxury beautiful people, the high-priced luxury stores but if you want to visit more local stores for a more local relaxed feel you need to make your way about 40 minutes north to north to Fort Lauderdale‘s famous Las Olas Blvd where the beach is awesome and full of the type of shops and restaurants where you can still be in restaurants where you can still be in your swimsuit and get a quick bite to your swimsuit and get a quick bite to your swimsuit and with a view of the ocean you can’t get that in Miami Florida.

Fort Laudersale is also considered to be the Venice of America as it is home to some of the biggest yachts in the world the world the world. Plus you can take a water taxi or a cruise to get a tour of some giant mansions there’s some huge homes in Miami but that’s on Star Island which is a gated that’s on Star Island which is a gated and not accessible to the community.

5.   Florida Keys: Ranking in at number five is another ranking in at number but it will be worth the drive just south of Miami is the Florida Keys and if you heard of that you probably already know about Key West so money I’m already know about Key West so money so I’m gonna mention that the hidden treasure gonna mention that the hidden treasure is a little island just over three hours away from Miami called Bahia Honda but yeah Honda is where you go to just relax without the smell of high-rises and large crowds just long stretches of beach that go on to what seems like sandbars that go on to what seems like sandbars that go on to what seems like forever.

Get the full island feel with fresh-cut fish at a local mom-and-pop restaurant.


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Miami Travel Guide | Things to Do, Destinations, Nightlife, Dining, South Beach and more

 Things to do in Florida

Welcome to Miami located on the Southeastern tip of Florida Miami sucks travelers with its year-round sunshine and heated temperatures along boulevards and lily-white beach seas a laid-back vibe concoction with high-energy nightlife more than five million people call the metro arena home.

For travelers ,there’s a lot to do from indulgence shopping to exquisite dining a germinating art incident pulsating nightclubs beaches and a lot more. When the time comes to searching Miami the party begins in South seas where artwork deco hotels way Collins Avenue in Ocean Drive across the street you’ll find colourful seas where regionals and guests come out to play grab a discern on the sand to work on your sunburn then grab a concoction and little bit in one of wall street numerous eateries or rails.

And celebrate the nighttime in one of the area’s hottest nightclubs.  While in South Beach don’t miss out on Lincoln Road an outdoor boulevard where major accumulations and small-scale store sit side by side territory by an array of eateries offering luscious al fresco dining the city has been constructed literally beside the sea a region where luxury residences face the vents along the Intracoastal Waterway as much as Miami loves it.  Beaches swaying palm trees and soft breezes it enjoys its water and on any weekend the town seems to take to on a life of its own whether for a paddling expedition, spurt ski journeys or a yacht charter Miami is a city of many personalities.

Miami’s diversity can be found in the cities countless vicinities in Little Havana you’ll find Cuban and Latin American culture in full force while there don’t miss out genuine Cuban cuisine served with a Cuban coffee a cafecito in the regional lingo.

Step into brickle and downtown Miami and you’ll find the city’s monetary soul home to power and condo towers and showy skyline goals nearby midtown and the specific characteristics district back in with upscale shop and art and decor retailers and while you‘re searching Miami don’t miss a chance to visit the Wynwood locality. Its a onetime industrial region that’s been resuscitated by the arts community and is now known for the areas iconic big murals.

It’s this diversity that drives Miami‘s heartbeat so whether you‘re in town from coasts and sun urban nightlife or arts and culture Miami never fails to deliver

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 Things to do in Florida

Hello everybody and welcome to the Florida Keys. In today’s video, I’m going to disclose my top 10 things to do in Key West. I’m journeying, going with my R Things to do in FloridaV Wherever I want to be Because I’m free, in my RV.

Number 10, Southernmost Point. You know perform the line, take the picture, get it out of the direction. You know it’s not really the Southernmost Point, right?   Number 9, Mile Marker 0 of US-1. Unlike Southernmost Point, this truly mile marker zero of US-1, the longest north-south street in the United States. The other goal at at Fort Kent, Maine, right by the border with Canada. It does get a little colder up there.

Number 8, Truman’s Little White House. Trump has Mar-a-Lago, Kennedy had his Palm Beach estate, Reagan had his ranch in Santa Barbara, and Truman, well Truman had The Little White House in Key West.

 Things to do in Florida

Fascinating record happened in this location and don’t even act about taking out your camera. Photography is forbidden because even to this day, it is an official presidential mansion.

Number 7, Hemingway‘s House. One of the first homes in small island developing to have indoor plumbing, a second flooring lavatory with flowing irrigate, or a state of the art swimming bath, for that is important. It is also the place where the “Snows of Kilimanjaro” and “To Have and Have Not” were written. Ascertain the polydactyl “cat-o-nine-tails”? They’re direct heirs of Hemingway‘s felines.

 Things to do in Florida

This was the writer’s home during his 30 s where reference is are applied to repeated adjacent Sloppy Joe’s pretty much daily as the floor proceeds.

Sloppy Joe’s, Number 6.  Whether it is the Bull and Whistle Bar, the clothing-optional Garden of Eden on the top floor, Sloppy Joe’s, Captain Tony‘s which was the original site of Sloppy Joe’s, the Smallest Bar, well there are too many to mention here.

 Things to do in Florida

Please drink responsibly or not.

Number 5,  Eat Some Seafood. There are a plethora of good diners in the Conch Republic and I’m going to recommend any in particular because honestly, most of them are really good.

Number 4, consider a carnival. Be it Fantasy Fest or Lobster Fest, whatever you’re in to, it is guaranteed to be a lot of merriment.

Number 3, Sunset Cruise. It is a cliche, but it is incredibly dreamy and lots of enjoyable extremely if you go on the one that has the open rail. Talking about cruising.

Number 2, stay Dry Tortugas National Park. A hop on the boat or make the seaplane either to understand historic Fort Jefferson or snorkel all over the moat wall or really to be at this beautiful, remote archipelago.

 Things to do in Florida

Number 1, Mallory Square Sunset Celebration. Nothing does Key West as much as joining the crowds and street performers at this daily lore here in the Conch Republic. While you are there, have a Mojito in my honor at the outdoor table at El Meson de Pepe, listening to salsa music as the sunshine pitches. And that’s my top ten. I know you can also go to a sea, although nothing of them are great.

 Things to do in Florida

Do some snorkeling, boat, kayaking, but nothing of those things are unique to Key West. Okay, if you must go to a beach, Honorable Mention, the beach at Fort Zachary is Key West‘s better prevent mystery. Now, what is your top 10? Did I miss anything? Do comment below.( island music) If you have enjoyed traveling with us, make sure you’ve agreed. Check out my other videos. Also, share it with your friends, spread the word, and leave me a comment. Now, if you really, really liked it, you have a chance to show your approval at patreon.com/ traveling Robert. As always, thank you so much better for watching and see you on the road leading ..

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More Things to do in Orlando Florida

 Things to do in Florida

Check out this great video from the AAA.  It features a number of fun things to do in Orlando that you might not come across in a Google Search or in a guide book.

Map of Orlando, Florida


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Boca Raton Tour

 Things to do in Florida

Today we’re taking another look at the terrific city of Boca Raton.  As you saw in my last recording Boca has one of the most beautiful beaches in South Florida this is Boca Raton Inlet which leads into Lake Boca Raton just beyond the bridge from there by boat you can travel the inland waterways which starts with the intercoastal and leads into many finger canals where you can see the beautiful single-family homes that line the waterways.

If you’re looking at Boca Raton real estate that has ocean access you’re looking at property that has a permanent bridge between it and the ocean so you’re normally restricted to boats between 25 to 30 feet in length as a maximum the white building on the other side of the inlet is the beach club at the Boca Raton Resort and club this building was just recently renovated and offers beachfront rooms and also rooms that look west over Lake Boca Raton the beach club coupled with the main resort on the other side of the Intracoastal makes great options for the vacation.

The Boca Raton Resort and club is a new addition to the Waldorf Astoria collection of hotels at the hotel and beach club there’s never a shortage of things to do you have water sports you have deep-sea fishing jet skiing you can rent sea ray boats and if you like to play golf a of a beautiful Golf Course they also have 30 tennis courts and they have a world-class spa down beyond the flowers is the original hotel which was built in the 1920s and then in the 1960s they built this beautiful Tower which overlooks the intercoastal in the ocean you can quickly get a look here at some Boca Raton real estate as we go west on Camino Real Boulevard if you’re ever shopping for Boca Raton real estate be sure to call us at Boca real estate errs we are one of Bocas oldest independent real estate firms or look us up on the web at Boca real estate or calm look for us again on our next video thank you.

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Sarasota Top Ten Things To Do

 Things to do in Florida

The video at the top of this post explores the top ten things to do in Sarasota

Start with world-renowned beaches a thriving arts community and a relaxed atmosphere Sarasota Florida is guaranteed to offer something for everyone.

Hi I’m Donna Salerno is known to many as Florida’s cultural coast this area has so much to offer let’s explore the top ten things to do the area.

  • Beaches are some of the top-rated in the nation siesta key Lido Key and Longboat Key are all within easy reach of the city stroll along st. Armands Circle with its fashionable shops and restaurants located in the heart of the city.
  • Bayfront Park offers bustling Harbor yachts lined the marina with a spectacular city backdrop spend some time to relax and take in the view.
  • The Ringling.  Once the winter home of John Ringling of circus Fame this incredible property includes the state art museum of Florida with over 600 Baroque masterpieces including a Rubens Collection that is considered the finest in the world visit the circus museum which chronicles the greatest show on earth as well as the education center along with 66 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens.
  • Mote Marine Laboratory.  Explore the secrets of the sea through touch pools working labs and high-tech interactive exhibits that showcase world-renowned research sea sharks manatees and sea turtles along with more than 100 other species of marine life don’t miss the echo friendly boat tour this exciting cruise is hands-on educational and fun meet the marine natives dolphins manatees Osprey Eagles and other marine birds in their natural settings and learn more about Florida wildlife from the ship’s biologist.
  • Jungle Gardens.  These gardens are home to more than 200 native and exotic animals including birds of prey many different species of parrots and macaws primates small mammals dozens of snakes lizards iguanas alligators Crocs and other reptiles all nestled within 10 acres of lush tropical jungle trails.
  • The Arts Sarasota is recognized as Florida’s cultural coast and is home to a world-class Symphony ballet and opera house several theaters and art galleries are also located here the Benway Sol Performing Arts Hall known for its architecture and great acoustics features a dazzling season of music shows and programs for all ages.
  • Selby Botanical Gardens.  A tropical urban oasis featuring unparalleled horticulture displays and a Sarasota Bayfront setting Maurice Elbe Botanical Gardens is an interesting Center for education research and conservation.
  • Myakka River.  One of the largest state parks protects the diverse Natural Area the Myakka River flows through 58 square miles of wetlands prairies hammocks and Pinelands visitors can explore walking and biking trails kayaking fishing and boat rides.
  • Classic Car Museum.  Showcasing over 75 automobiles and recognized as the second oldest continuously operating antique car museum in the nation travel back in time and into the future of man’s greatest invention antique exotic European and one-of-a-kind classics are featured in the rotating exhibits throughout walk or bike the paved 15 mile legacy trail which runs south from Sarasota to Venice along an old rail corridor it passes through Oscar cher State Park and on to Venice this area has something for everyone whether you spend the day on the water at the beach or immersing yourself and the many cultural experiences Sarasota has what you are looking for contact Donna Salerno travel today to plan your next exciting vacation here and beyond you’ll love where we take you.

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Miami Vacation Travel Guide

 Things to do in Florida

Miami is a subtropical city located in the Sunshine State Florida in between the Everglades and the North Atlantic Ocean.  Flying in over Biscayne Bay you can spot the wonderful beaches that attract nearly 14 million visitors each year welcome to Florida’s cultural center and the diverse mix that represents Miami a palm tree-lined city is known for its stunning beaches.

With its Art Deco district Latin culture and 24-hour lifestyle, it is the place to see and be seen. Even the zoo residents put on a show this is as good as it gets if you are planning a holiday in the Sun the weather is warm year-round and the city has many parks and some of the best beaches in the country Miami is a cultural melting pot that attracts people from the colder north it’s mainly Hispanic residents and influx of South American visitors.  Add Latin rhythm and Cuban cuisine to the mix away from the oceanfront there is also an artistic cultural side to this Magic City.  Find theaters on the Miracle Mile in Coral Gables and modern art galleries downtown take in the moving sight of the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach.  Or watch the muralists at work in the Wynwood Arts District in the city’s north-south of the city center stands a century-old landmark the Vizcaya museum step back in time in this opulent mansion with atrium and gardens and enjoy idyllic views of the bay.

Across from here is the Seaquarium where marine mammals will amaze you with their clever tricks this is where flipper lived the smart dolphin from the TV show.

On the other side of the bay are the barrier islands that offer everything Miami is famous for white sand palm trees great tans and VIP lifestyle is what it’s all about here the star attraction is Miami Beach its bustling promenade dream cars sun adoring beach lovers and colorful lifeguard towers have Miami written all over it touring on a sightseeing bus is a fun way to see the cultural and architectural hotspots on the island.  Find hundreds of historic buildings in the pre-world War two Art Deco district in South Beach which you can call Sobe.  Once you’re in the know take some time to stop at Lincoln Road Mall to browse the shops and markets.

On your way back to the mainland visit Jungle Island where inquisitive wild cats and Florida’s iconic pink flamingos are curious to meet you closer to the Everglades is another lush zoo but this one is mainly for primates monkey jungles residents love hauling up the food you leave them and even collect treats from your outstretched hands.  If you’re lucky you may receive some hugs and kisses as a reward.

Also near the Everglades is zoo Miami it has cageless habitats with only a moat between you and the local species and more exotic animals if you feel active paddle over the bay around Key Biscayne or bike along Crandon Boulevard.  In between activities you can lounge on the beach Miami is one of those dream destinations that appeals to everyone its Beach and party culture attracts singles while couples will find romance in the al fresco restaurants and on the boulevards.

And thanks to many fun attractions Miami also gets the thumbs up from families with children if you are in search of a good time in the Sunshine State come to Miami to explore its long stretches of beaches family-friendly zoos and famous Art Deco district any time you like

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21 Hidden Secrets & Best Places in Miami, Florida

 Things to do in Florida

Oh Miami where do I start Don Beach and madness these are my hidden secrets and best place to visit for the tropical city in the United States rock and roll body all right start off in the Wynwood our district and grab a freshly roasted coffee from Panther coffee drinking ours roaster this morning the caucus where we picked up a couple days ago so it’s really an important farm to table that’s what you have that intense flavor truly one of the best coffees I’ve ever had oh-ho when what is famous for its awesome graffiti so a great place to stroll around in Wynwood

You will also find ceviche a Japanese Peruvian fusion restaurant and a great spot for in the form of lunch or dinner top off cig in doing what is that you know get a diesel is phenomenal Miami is famous for a gorgeous dive site like molasses route and the Neptune memorial wreaths if you have a few days to spare Miami I highly recommend obtaining a PADI open water diving light and visit one of these beautiful sights a hidden secret is the underwater hotel at Key Largo about an hour drive from downtown Miami called Jules undersea Lodge where they even deliver pizza to your underwater hotel room Florida is well known for its alligators and cush restaurant you can even eat them.

So I gotta mix it up there is it complete this meal with a famous piece of key lime pie one of the best pies I’ve ever had you I’m from USC this stuff right there next go all out and rent a jet ski to explore Miami Bay and star island and try making a few donuts we just keep set it back around 80 bucks per person for 30 minutes you can rent these jet skis at the Mondrian Hotel which has one of the most beautiful pools in the city a few blocks north of the mansion you’ll find a spa standard hotel which also has a gorgeous pool both these pools are definitely worth checking out look how horrible the spot is I’m just kidding.

This is absolutely the best pool in Miami and then there is this free parking deck on Lincoln Street just make the elevator to the top floor for this mesmerizing view of Miami South Beach Miami is well known for its world’s largest collection of Art Deco architecture which became popular in the 1920s and 30s like the colony theater the Delano breakwater and the Pelican come on fennekin and a few others on world-famous Ocean Drive pick up a fresh coconut and wander around admiring these beautiful classic buildings and there many patios bars and restaurants don’t leave without trying a wet willy one of the most iconic bars on Ocean Drive where you can get ridiculous alcoholics flushing from attitude improvement who call a cat my favorite the wipe Russian a medium slushie goes for 11 bucks oh that’s a serious brain freeze.

oh now if you’re looking for some mayhem then lock and load is your spa friend where you can shoot any weapon you’ve ever won from golden death illegals holy full-blown machine gun Florida is also known for its delicious stone crab harvesting is accomplished by removing one of the claws from the live animal and returning it to the ocean where it can regrow the lost limb so no stone crab actually died also here. we couldn’t escape the key lime pie it’s truly unbeatable we’re topping it off with some key lime pie.

Oh God let’s look it up each time instead of staying on the touristy beaches near Ocean Drive head north to the soho beach club another absolute boiling day on the beach the whole week is between 27 to 28 degrees thank God I brought a lot of sunscreen which has this gorgeous Beach gorgeous people and a great spot for celebrity spotting just like the paparazzi lead the way they were followed by paparazzi supposedly some famous people here in the water Larsa Pippen apparently I’ve always wanted to yell shark shark now if you prefer to pull over the beach then check out hyde beach club during the weekend for their absolutely insane pool party.

Miami’s also notorious for its breathtaking sunset especially while you watch their massive cruise ships leave Dutch island in the evening I recommend going for dinner at Silvano incredible Italian cuisine at affordable prices unlike the tourist traps on Ocean Drive another famous street is Espanola Way little Spain in Miami a great spot for a little birthday party and some delicious gelato speaking of gelato check out for be on Lincoln Road for an excellent cold deserts and Roker the final restaurant worth mentioning Nayana photos the best restaurant in Miami South Beach a feast for your taste bud got Chevy’s beef jerky this happen I was blown away by the high-quality plate austero I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything like that literally butter they even fly in rare fish from all over the world another one in Miami.

oh my god this place is worth every penny well in my absolutely solves the best hospitality I’ve ever experienced at night I’m enjoys the neon lights on Ocean Drive for that tropical 80s view and grab a few drinks at the local bar buddy when midnight is approaching it’s time for the insane Miami nightlife including places like Ricky aura lift heist and 11 the absolute top nightclubs in Miami and some of the best in the United States go watch my full Miami nightlife guy in next week’s video the addresses so all these locations can be found in the description box below or you can download an entire map with more hidden secrets for my website reformats dot-com just click on the link that appears on your screen right now for a dresses prices max and additional photos now as always here are some extra bonus tip if time permits go watch a Miami Heat basketball game at the American Airlines Arena come on try out some of the on American junk food check the link in the description box for my full review and

if you really want to venture out go watch the alligators at the famous Everglades National Park now if you have been to Miami before I would love to know if you have some hidden secrets you can share with us in the comment section below.

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Things to do in Orlando with kids – 12 Best Things to do

 Things to do in Florida
 Things to do in Florida

Orlando is the administrative seat of the Orange County,  Orlando is considered one of central Florida’s main metropolitan areas. Within the City of Orland, there are approximately one million residents as of the latest census by the United States of America’s Census Bureau.

The City of Orlando is home to many theme parks that are very popular all over the world.  Furthermore, it is a host to some great venues for wedding and other events with restaurants serving delicious foods and many other attractions.

Various things to do in Orlando with kids are highlighted in this post.

In terms of culture. the number one attraction in Orlando is the Orlando Museum of Art.  This museum is dedicated to preserving more than 35 different cultures.  The collections available for viewing range from the ancient times to present.

Second on our list of things to do with kids is to visit the  Everglades National Park.  The park consists a wetland area of more than 1 million acres. The Everglades National Park is a place where the visitors can enjoy a series of fun activities.  The National Park which has three entrances is abundant with wildlife Animals like alligators and herons these animals belong to more than one different species and some are endangered species.  See the lovely animals in their natural and adventurous landscape of the park, a great attract the attention of kids.

This is one the largest Wilderness of subtropical type of the country ever had there are many attractions like the Shark Valley and places for camping.

Making it a family favorite number three on our list is Universal Studios.  Oh, children will definitely love to visit the Universal Studios. This would be the chance to learn how their favorite shows are programmed.

The park provides themes of different kids show and movies giving a live effect.  Universal Studios hosts a couple of attractions including movie studios game shows for kids some wonderful restaurants and rides making kids days very special.

In addition, there is a wonderful stunt show in the park these days which is being updated to include more attractions.

Number four on our list is the Orlando Science Center is one of the most amazing centers for learnings related science especially space Orlando Science Center.

The Orlando Science Center offers much for the young minds to learn from and enjoy.  They are powerful and huge telescopes through which the kids can observe the space and understand many concepts related space the theater in the park.  The theater hosts show and programs related to space in order teach the young about the diverse nature of the outer space.

Tailored made events for kids and children occur regularly. Children of ages between 3 and 16 can enjoy these Center.

Number 5 on our list is Discovery Cove with the facility to interact with a wide range of sea animals.  Discovery Cove hosts various attractions for the visitors of all ages being some goes with kids interests This amusement park comprises an attractive coral reef where the visitors can have an exclusive swimming with hundreds of fish.

The part has more 30 different species of birds There are hundreds of tropical birds in addition to many and parrots attracting the kid’s attention The guests here can also enjoy waterfall and seaside activities some years ago Grand reef was opened as a freshie attraction that increases the chances for visitors to do more fun activities.

Number six on our list is International Drive which is Orlando’s  busiest commercial regions and home to the Orlando convention center.

There are also wonderful places for shopping and great restaurants to enjoy different delicious foods. Walking down the road provides a beautiful view of the city that makes the city of the best place to visit with kids.

Number seven on our list is Galaxy Fun Orlando a massive indoor complex for kids with space-themed playgrounds.

It is an absolute blast fun place for children to enjoy on their vacations.  There are many many playgrounds for children to enjoy different sports activities the employees at the complex are very friendly Foods and drinks from outside are not allowed here.

There is a bar for snacks and other eateries There’s a place for children of all age But adults are restricted to enter an area that is exclusively children only.

Number eight on our list is Gatorland which we are told has been dubbed as the alligator capital of the world. Gatorland is a theme park preserving wildlife tradition and providing fun with much learning for its guest’s kids It is one of the best places to fur educational and study tours.

There are thousands of animals there reptiles like the crocodiles and birds. Being a host to a variety of different species of animals your children will love to spend time here.

Number nine on our list is the Mote Marine Laboratory. Focusing on both factor of information and entertainment the world class mode Marine Laboratory is aquarium where visitors Especially kids all the aspects of marine and the whole marine Ecosystem children will learn many things related to seas and oceans The laboratory brings to life things like water pollution and coral bleaching children can meet the marine animals the touch tidal pools offer such facilities Providing an opportunity to know about more than 100 sea animal species like turtles sea and sharks.

Number 10 on our list is the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye being one of Florida’s newest attractive destinations.  It is a giant wheel of 400 feet that started operating in 2015.  It has been perceived as one of the most amazing attractions especially for children of all ages.

Number eleven on the list is WonderWorks.  Specially designed for imaginative and curious minds Wonder Works as the name implies triggers the human brain cells with exiting features and compelling to ponder a healthy activity for children.

This feature of the theme park brings fun education and thrill all in one place. There are many exhibits like the building that seems like it is an upside down There are zones for life sound physical challenge and many more

Number 12 on our list is Walt Disney World.  Arguably being the world’s best complex for entertainment, Walt Disney World is situated in Bay Lake Florida the official name is Walt Disney Resort covering an area of more 2,700 acres. This complex consists of some theme parks resorts hotels and water parks.  Before you go, check out our post Some Little Known Walt Disney World Tips and Tricks.

In addition, there are also areas for sports activities within the entertainment area which includes non-Disney resorts and places for outdoor shopping.

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