Florida Travel: Welcome to Daytona Beach

 Things to do in Florida

( ripples whooshing) – For me the beach at Daytona Beach is so relaxing, nearly healing. It’s got the softest grey sand, it’s got the prefect sized motions , not to large-scale , not to little you get to hear the resound of the ocean, feel it. You can either body surf, wind channel-surf. We can do it all right here in Daytona.( hollering) Everyday either before task or after project I try to get down to the ocean because when I’m down here it merely revitalizes me. I get my vigour back, the sky is blue-blooded, the breeze is fresh, the peoples of the territories are friendly and everyone just says hello and is enjoying the sand and the channel-surf just like I am.( waves whooshing ).

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Top Things To Do in Fort Myers & Sanibel Island, Florida!

 Things to do in Florida

Good morning it’s another beautiful day here on Fort Myers Beach got a bit early to get a morning Beach stroll in before we get a day started we are spending the morning at the J in Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge here on Sanibel Island it’s one of the largest in the country and it’s a place for sanctuary for wild animals and mainly birds so we are going to hop on a tram and explore the grounds I’m gonna get ready to go on an hour and a half long tour yeah take you all down wildlife drive we are going to be making one stops the mangrove overlook that is the part of the tour where we get off the bus take a short walk cross boardwalk now what it means to be a wildlife refuge is that this land is specifically set aside to act on a sanctuary for all of the native plants and animals that live in this habitat and these being estuary waters I mean there are millions of baby fish in here is the white mangrove trees it has white bark distractions on its bark and has these small rounded leaves growing up right next to the salt water line is the black mangrove tree this tree what it does get rid of the salt is it actually excretes it through the tops of its lead from this point on you only true you’re going to see is our red mangrove tree this tree likes to grow directly in the salt water and that is just four miles this wildlife review.

I do want to thank y’all so much for coming out here with me today we’re here at Ford’s garage for lunch this place is known for the burgers and craft beer and after that after they’re super super hot morning we just had I am looking forward to a cold beer we are at the Edison and Ford winter estate these are homes that Thomas Edison and Henry Ford would come to during the winter months Thomas Edison the most important inventor in US history his name is attached to over a thousand patents and we’re going to get the chance to see where he would come during the winter months and also explore his laboratory so this is considered the centerpiece of the entire Edison estate it is the largest bang and tree in continental United States and Edison was actually gifted this tree believe it or not this is one tree and it spans about 400 feet in diameter.

So we were just checking out Edison’s home now we can’t actually go right into it but we can peer through some of the windows all the furniture is original and the light fixtures that you see although we call them chandeliers Edison coin the term electoral ears because to pin chandeliers ran off of candles and his light fixtures obviously for running offices Edison light bulb coming into the laboratory now Edison’s laboratory.

We are getting exclusive access I mean we’re alone I’m again we’re now checking out Henry Ford‘s winter home and the only reason why he bought this home was that he could be close to Thomas Edison when he was here during the winter months but the funny thing is that Henry Ford would only come down for two weeks out of the year and those two weeks coincided with Edison’s birthday so it’s really cool that the guys were such good friends that Henry Ford would buy a home just to come and celebrate Edison’s birthday Bobby our guide is now going to demonstrate a photograph photograph to 1904 we’re gonna play it back this is an original record for you with this how would you control the sound alright this is too loud for you you could get different sizes for horn that would give you different sound but what a lot of people do it they take cloth ball about sticking their horn this became such a common occurrence and we get great at the phrase put a sock in it originates from butter ok so this was absolutely fantastic if you are a history buff who are going to love it if you are not a history of up you’re also gonna love it there’s so much to see here.

You can easily spend an entire day so when you’re here in the Fort Myers and Center ball island area make sure to build in some time to check out the Edison and Ford winter estate we are at nervous Nellie’s for dinner which is located under the Matanzas bridge also known as the sky bridge.

And this menu is absolutely insane I do not know what to choose because there’s way too much to choose from I think I might just like do any meenie miney little I don’t think I got a big enough drink what do you think so apparently all of my other travel mates here don’t got it because I mean this ordering and you know you’re all gonna want a piece you know it because when you’re in Florida you gotta have keylime pie big feet they’re already they’re already wanted yeah so after that epic meal definitely need to work some of that off so we are now walking through what is called Times Square here on Sanibel Island and it is this fun strip of shops very colorful a little touristy but in a really fun way that’s me the free Bob Bob my bum that’s a nice looking bummer.

Oh what do you got there Sharon this is shell art so not only can you find shelves in the beach but you can find them in the stores you will not find this in world as I say all good things must come to an end and this wraps up my time here in Fort Myers I hope you guys have enjoyed these videos not it’s as hard you guys come out and check out this area Florida I guarantee you you will not be disappointed please subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t yet already to stay up to date with all of my latest travel adventures thank you so much for watching we’ll see you guys on the next one you

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Tour of St Augustine, Florida: America’s Oldest City |

 Things to do in Florida

Take a peek around St. Augustine. It’s such a treasure! This charming city is simply full of surprises like cool concerts under the trees and breezy restaurants with sparkling lights.

Welcome to the nation’s oldest city. Sweet shops, pizza joints, and sangria bars, oh my! You can’t count the number of places for a romantic toast around here. The Castillo de San Marcos is one of the most unique monuments in our national park system. It’s the oldest masonry fort in the continental U.S. and one of only two in the world built out of an unusual form of limestone called coquina. Just over the stately Bridge of Lions, you’ll find bohemian Anastasia Island with its beautiful coastlines, expansive beaches, and rolling waves.

This castle is seriously awesome. It’s a citadel, which means it’s like a star-shaped formation. This would have been important to protect from pirates like I said. Sir Francis Drake did come here, raiding all the gold ships that came from Mexico and Panama from Peru. This would have been a really important spot pinching off those shipments of gold treasure as they were headed to the Old World. What a view. It’s so cool, honestly. As a historian and a history nerd, pretty incredible. It’s a little bit late for coffee, but, honestly, this could be the cutest coffee shop I’ve ever seen in my life.

A jaunt at the lighthouse steps, all 219 of them, is rewarded with a majestic view of both sea and shore. And the Maritime Museum down below hosts a bevy of cool archaeological finds with enough technology to keep the kids enthralled. Seafood is a staple in most restaurants here, and you can never miss with a scrumptious shrimp dish. Open air spots like Sunset Grille on A1A are favorites of both visitors and locals alike.

This beautiful and diverse area of Northeast Florida is full of personality. Plan a visit when you’re looking for history, culture, and a few days of magic.

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Augustine, Florida, is the oldest, continuously inhabited European settlement in the United States of America. It’s a beautiful place with a crazy story that goes something like this…..

As we all know, in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean. But on his second voyage, he came with a conquistador named Ponce de Leon. Ponce de Leon became the governor of Puerto Rico. The problem was that position was promised to Columbus’ son. So he set off on a quest for new lands in the name of glory, gold, and god, and supposedly the fountain of youth.

But instead of the fountain of youth, he discovered this land, which he called La Florida and well as the gulf stream, an ocean current that cut two weeks off the return voyage to Spain, making Florida crucial in protecting Spanish gold and treasure from pirates. But St Augustine wasn’t founded until 1565 when the Spanish returned only to find other Europeans, French Protestants known as Heugonots.

When they refused to convert or kneel to the Catholic king of Spain, they were slaughtered, making the blue waters run red, giving the name to the bay in front of St Augustine, La Bahia de las Matanzas, or the Bay of Slaughter. St Augustine became the capital of Spanish Florida for 200 years, during which time it was raided by the feared pirate, Sir Francis Drake, before being seceded to the English, then the Americans, making it the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in the United States of America.[/expand] 



Pirate Museum in St Augustine

 Things to do in Florida

Today we look at the Pirate Museum in St. Augustine and it’s a great place to visit for Pirates young and old. A super cool thing they have here at the Pirate Museum is they give you a treasure map and what you do is you look for the skull and crossbones anywhere in the museum and you could find some hidden treasure like this. Pretty cool, huh? Here they even have an original Jolly Roger Flag. I asked Executive Director Cindy Stavely what the response has been to the museum since it opened. It’s been phenomenal, not only with our visitors the locals absolutely love it we’ve been voted best local attraction for the past couple years and the school groups, we have an unbelievable turn out of the school groups that come to St. Augustine. We did a thousand school groups here last year.

WOW, that’s a lot of kids. Yes, it’s a lot of kids and we love sharing this place with those kids. So I know there’s an interesting story about how Pat got started with Pirates and his fascination for Pirates all together can you tell me that.

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One day he was sitting in the living room of his home outside of  Philadelphia watching the movie Captain Blood. Ok. With his father, with Errol Flynn.  Well, that movie totally fascinated him so from that point on he was fascinated and drawn into the culture and the philosophy of the life of Piracy. So he’s been into this his whole life basically?  His whole life.

And it was about 30 years ago that he bought his first artifact and it’s actually a book, The Buccaneers of America. Antiques Roadshow was recently here in Jacksonville. Right. And they came to the museum to do an appraisal of that book.  And it was appraised for tens of thousands of dollars.

He’s collected over 500 things, documents, weapons, swords, treasures, and then we’ve got things online from places too, not just his things, but the majority of what you see here is his personal collection that he’s been purchasing and collecting for over thirty years.  Now,  another thing that’s pretty cool here too is besides all the artifacts you guys are really well known for the interactive portion that you’ve created. Can you tell me more about that?  Well, you’re going to hear it one second, hold on there. FIRE IN THE HOLE!

That is our interactive cannon firing, we actually have real cannons rigged up electronically so you can fire them. Shhhh, don’t wake him up. I like to let people know that when they’re coming in here what they are going to see is one of the world’s largest collections of authentic Pirate artifacts and I look at the kids and I’m like, you probably don’t know what I mean when I say that I say real things, that real Pirates and sailors used.
hundreds of years ago.. 

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Weekend in Miami – How To Tips

 Things to do in Florida


Weekend in Miami – How To Tips

Begin your weekend at among the many pool scenes in Miami like here in the awareness shore resort. Where it is about relaxation and rest. Ahhh!

 In Miami, staying healthy is not a chore, it is really interesting. Miami locals are seriously interested in keeping those cycling bods in shape throughout the year. Among the best discoveries?  Yoga on the beach and wind surfing.

Have a spin. In the hipsters to the VIPS there’s a club for each kind of parties, in South beach.

In The Event you are still up, try and capture the dawn. I swear, it is value it..



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Orlando Sightseeing Guide

 Things to do in Florida

Orlando Sightseeing Guide

With over two million individuals, Orlando is the state’s third biggest metropolis. For parents planning to spend quality time with their children, and thrill seekers, only one thing: actions is meant by Orlando! It’s where imaginations run wild. Sure, there are inner city draws in Orlando, botanic gardens, art museums, and a few wonderful sculpture gardens, but most folks come here to see theme parks! They can be laughter inspiring scream inducing and educational. They make you intend to stay throughout the day tomorrow, and go.

They’ve much to offer which you wonder how you all can fit it in in a single visit. The Orlando Theme Parks will be the ride of your lifetime! Possibly the most charming of all, and the most well-known local attraction, is Walt Disney World. The place to find out all of the cartoon characters of your youth present them for your kids and come to life. Cuddles is dancing, and are free in the Universal Resort! You don’t need to be a child to adore most famous water parks in the nation, among the earliest and Wet ‘n Wild. Whether you come by yourself, or bring friends and family, your loved ones, you’ll be able to splash around without becoming bored. Dive into SeaWorld for rides that are thrilling.

They live with other large marine creatures in the aquarium that is tremendous. Is the dolphin show – it’s actually stunning missed by n’t! Bound in to join these intelligent marine mammals – a confrontation you’ll never forget! Prepare to get your perceptions deceived at WonderWorks. The upside down building is packed with encounters that are daring which you shouldn’t attempt in the home. Envision developing an entire city! Zoom around in a small automobile, see a Lego theatre show and admire the miniature replicas of large Florida highlights including the Kennedy Space Center. The particular Space Centre will be to the east of town on Merritt Island. Go and check giant rockets out and meet with an astronaut. Measure inside Gatorland to find out about the area wildlife. It’s your opportunity to see these big reptiles up close and personal, including these incredibly rare white alligators.

See you! Whiz kids is likely to be attracted to the Science Center at the place where they are able to find the inner workings of gravitation, electricity and magnetism. There’s a lot to understand here!

With neon signs which will point one to the many eateries and live shows the Universal Orlando Resort lights up at nighttime. Come for your family holiday of a very long time to Orlando. With theme parks and all its natural beauty, the town has something to offer for everybody!.

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Miami Travel Tips | Things to Do, Destinations, Nightlife, Restaurants, South Beach and more

 Things to do in Florida

Video Summary:

Miami Travel Tips

Welcome to Miami Travel Tips situated on the Southeastern tip of Florida.  Miami lures travelers using its year round sun and warm temperatures along ave and white sand shores a laid back vibe combinations with high energy nightlife over five million people phone the metro area residence and for voyagers there is a great deal to do from high-end shopping to exquisite dining an increasing art scene pulsing clubs shores and much more. When it comes to experiencing Miami the celebration starts in South beaches where art deco resorts line Collins Avenue in Ocean Drive on the other side of the road you’ll locate lively shores where locals and visitors come out to play catch a place on the sand to work in your suntan then catch a cocktail along with a bite in among the roads many restaurants or pubs and shut the night in among the region’s most popular clubs while in South Beach do not miss out on Lincoln Road an outside promenade where leading shops and little boutique sit side by side bordered by numerous restaurants offering delicious al fresco dining the city has been constructed actually beside the water a location where high-end houses face the inlets over the Intracoastal Waterway as much as Miami adores it shores swaying palm trees and soft winds it adores its water and on any weekend the town appears to take to its boats whether for a paddling tour, jet ski rides or a yacht charter.

Miami is a city of numerous characters and that diversity is found in the cities many neighborhoods in Little Havana you will locate Cuban and Latin American traditions in full power while there do not miss out genuine Cuban cuisine served with a Cuban java a cafecito in the local lingo.

Head on into Brickell Ave and downtown Miami and you’ll locate the city’s financial heart with office and condominium towers and stunning skyline views nearby midtown as well as the layout district back in with upscale shopping and artwork and decor retailers and while you are enjoying Miami do not miss an opportunity to see the Wynwood place a former industrial district that is been revitalized by the arts community and is now understood for the regions iconic huge murals.

It is this diversity that drives miami’s pulse so whether you are in town from beaches and sunshine urban nightlife or artwork and culture Miami never fails to deliver .

 Things to do in Florida

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Fort Lauderdale Sightseeing Tips

 Things to do in Florida

Video Summary:

Fort Lauderdale, on South Florida’s east coast, is less than an hour’s drive north of Miami. Its river and canal system that is extensive link the Atlantic Ocean and the Everglades together. With this settlement on the New River the rate slows and it really is simple to reduce track of time here. Love river cruising, wide sandy beaches, fine dining along the ocean and researching parks and subtropical gardens. With year-round sun, Fort Lauderdale is a balmy holiday destination that has an appealing mixture of waterfront entertainment. The welcoming locals adore their “Lauderdale” and are proven to adopt a more laid-back attitude than their southern neighbors in Miami. The transformation was welcomed by most of them from a “Spring Break Central” for partying college students to the upscale resort city it really is now. The times of “Fort Liquordale” are long gone, but don’t stress: it is possible to nevertheless like a drink here, with a large number of restaurants, bars and clubs near. Being in the Sunshine State, you will see plenty of “snowbirds”, the local name for those who migrate down from the states that are colder to enjoy a winter on the beach.

Thanks to this yearly tourism influx, luxurious yachts line the marina the promenade flashs up. On Las Olas Boulevard, browse the boutique stores following a breakfast along the river or explore the banks of the New River downtown. For over 5,000 years these waters have provided natural resources for Native Americans . settlers and European Now, tourists can jump on a watertaxi or do the Riverwalk, the city’s heart for arts, history and entertainment. Fort Lauderdale was named following the fortifications constructed in 1838 to fight off Indian warriors. By 1911, when the city was incorporated, settlers and the Seminole Tribe had come to negotiations that were peaceful. Post office and the old trading house were built by pioneer Frank Stranahan, the city’s creator. Another time capsule is this 1899 replica classroom. Of similar old school allure is the Georgian-style King-Cromartie House.

The actual reef is just half a mile off shore, well away from the neighborhood anglers. For tourists in Fort Lauderdale the days evolve around sunbathing and cruising. To discover bars and the most used public beaches, walk north from Las Olas Boulevard to Sunrise Boulevard on the expanse of oceanfront the locals phone “The Strip”. A bit further along the coast are exuberant refuges like Birch State Park along with the Bonnet Gardens. The coastal highlights go far beyond the city limits. Idyllic Lighthouse point as well as the Deerfield Beach Fishing Pier are just north of the Lauderdale beaches. Nearby you are able to live like a star in Mizner Park, among Spanish-style stucco eateries, pretty fountains, upscale galleries and the arty amphitheater. This is the glorious result of a local guy’s hobby gone. Fowl roam freely at Lake Okeechobee. Fort Lauderdale, using sand and sunshine and its historic riverfront, is a destination that’ll have you relaxed very quickly. Love living the life that is good and soak up the sun in style!

 Things to do in Florida


Top 5 Things To Do In Destin Florida

 Things to do in Florida

Things To Do In Destin

hey there I am going to reveal to you five wonderful things you could do in Destin Florida.  So go get you beach towels put on your shades, and we are about to get lots of fun!

Our first stop brings us to public beach access and the Crab Trap restaurant. Bring down the entire family and have a wonderful day on the shore! Getting hungry? No worries, simply walk around to the Crab Trap restaurant and revel in some fresh seafood or tasty lunch. For those who have small ones do not forget to stop by the resort area immediately outside the Crab Trap restaurant for additional pleasure.

Love an enjoyable day actually burn some rubber on the Wild Woody, or on the household race track. From blaster boats and bumper cars, in The Track for all, there is something here to minigolf and bun-jee jump.

Third on our list is. Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, Nike, Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Michael Kors are just a small number of the 110 outlet stores found at Silver Sands mall.

Whether you are a thrill seeker or a chill seeker, there is something interesting for everyone here. With slides and over 40 rides you are certain make memories to last an eternity and to truly have a blast of pleasure at Big Kahunas.

Last but not the very least is Harborwalk hamlet one and the Emerald Grande of the funnest places in Destin. From jet skiing, parasailing, dolphin cruises, as well as a jet pack ride, there is something to do for the complete family as well as you. Measure throughout the corner as you experience the Emerald Grande, and be immersed right into a whole different feeling. With numerous actions, eateries, and gift shops you will be loving this sights, sounds, and exceptional encounter of Harborwalk and the Emerald Grande. Prepare yourself to create memories that’ll endure for an eternity.

This video is just scraping on surface of things to do in Destin, but the enjoyment below the sun does not finish here. Click the hyperlink in the description below plus it’ll take one to a web site having a bigger list of more things to do. Many thanks so much for viewing, this continues to be Shining, see you next time! .

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Best Things to Do in Miami

 Things to do in Florida

Best Things to do in Miami

Hello, I am Courtney Scott. And I ‘m Sonia Gil. And we’re down in Miami in the home town of Sonia on the search for the most amazing free and inexpensive things you can do in town. In New York City I lived for 2 weeks eating just food that was free. I am pulling Courtney along to among the best kept secrets in Miami. Okay everybody welcome to a unique version of Beach Yoga! Inhale. Exhale. Down dog. Inhale. Exhale. Fine Sonia here in South Beach you can eat five star but this is really not what we are after now. No it’s not Courtney. We’re going to Las Olas Cafe that is a classic area in Miami now.

Okay so what is the particular? You also walk right into a spot such as this, and steps from each of the large resorts and you genuinely feel as if you are in Havana. I understand you are envious. You need to be! So it had been a $5 gift at yoga having a lovely dawn ok.

$each to get an enormous breakfast at Las Olas. Sonia, what is next? And South is really quite little it is just 17 roads plus they possess an excellent motorcycle sharing software where $4 dollars gets you half an hour. I really like cycling that I am aware that you just do also and when I travel, which means that is right up our street. Here you go, super easy. There are not many areas at which you can really bike on the sand who I have really been in the planet. You gotta lay back on the shore! Get somewhat novel, a blanket that is small, a small sun, sea, Sonia that is not bad.

When you would like to find out more about the best way to go on the cheap, in the event that you wanna see more of the wonderful Sonia Gil or find out about Miami, like, subscribe and comment. Ciao! .

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