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 Things to do in Florida Things to do in Florida

Things to do in Orlando with kids – 12 Best Things to do

Orlando is the administrative seat of the Orange County,  Orlando is considered one of central Florida’s main metropolitan areas. Within the City of Orland, there are approximately one million residents as of the latest census by the United States of America’s Census Bureau. The City of Orlando is home to many theme parks that are very popular all over...

 Things to do in Florida Things to do in Florida

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

 Few would imagine that the Walt Disney World Resort, located near Orlando in central Florida, would be host to one of the most significant menu and wine incidents in the world. Yet, every fall  since 1996 pilgrims from far and near are drawn to this end resort to experience the Epcot International Food& Wine Festival. Unlike most events, the Epcot...

 Things to do in Florida Things to do in Florida

How To Get Free Stuff at Walt Disney World

Today we’re going to be talking about free stuff at Disney World and how you can get things for free. First tip is to buy one of these refillable soda cups now these cups are fantastic and buy them in your hotel it was $19 but then after that, every drink that you get in your hotel is absolutely free now. Unfortunately these cannot be used in the parks you...

 Things to do in Florida Things to do in Florida

Some Little Known Walt Disney World Tips & Tricks!

 Today I am going to tell you some of my favorite tips and tricks to get the most out of your Walt Disney World vacation and now granted there are a lot of them and I probably didn’t even catch them all but I figure this is a pretty decent list to start off with so here we go you so we’re just gonna roll through these so here we go first things first...

 Things to do in Florida Things to do in Florida

Top 10 Things to do in Orlando You Might Not Know About

Today we’ll be visiting Orlando Florida to check out the top 10 things to do as you know Orlando is the entertainment capital of the world and the number one tourist destination Orlando has something for everyone and our headquarters is located in Orlando well let’s take a look at the top ten starting at: Number 10 is Gator land Gator lands is a hundred...

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Orlando Sightseeing Guide

Orlando Sightseeing Guide With over two million individuals, Orlando is the state’s third biggest metropolis. For parents planning to spend quality time with their children, and thrill seekers, only one thing: actions is meant by Orlando! It’s where imaginations run wild. Sure, there are inner city draws in Orlando, botanic gardens, art museums, and a few...