Miami – South Beach Cultural Food and Walking Tour

Today we analyze an acclaimed foodie place. We’re taking a meat and walking tour of South Beach. It’s a super sizzling day outside so we’ve got some really cold gazpacho. Wow, this home is so sweet. I’ve never had Colombian meat. This is really exciting. So we just stopped in Bolivar, and they stirred us a little liquor. It was like some kind of Colombian soda and brew. It was really good. This is just what I involve, a bit breath con. – It’s like a Cuban sandwich, but instead of ham, they have pulled pork.

– So we’re at David’s Cafe. It’s the place to go for Cuban coffee. – Accurately what I necessary.( roars) – I recall I could become a chocolate alcoholic after this. We’re just taking a neat stroll down Ocean Drive. We’re headed to Miami Beach Cafe, where we’re going to try, get this, nitrogen ice cream. “Its certainly true it is” classy. -[ Voiceover] The structure is Mimo, Miami modern. It’s international contemporary cuisine. – Oh, the crunchy salad bun was savory. It was nice and crispy. – Delicious. – Mmm, bon apetit. -[ Chef] I cook ice cream. This is mixed with fresh strawberries, and this is liquid nitrogen. – Oh my gosh. This is some homemade strawberry ice cream formed with liquid nitrogen. I’m unquestionably coming back here for seconds. It’s cool to read all the artistry deco design. South Beach is actually known to have the maximum concentration of skill deco structure in the world. – People that come on the safarus with us in South Beach, they cherish the diversification. – It’s really fun even for locals. We’ve lived her for years. – This was such a enjoyable space to explore South Beach. We got to try food from around the world, and finish up with a dollop of gelato.

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Weekend in Miami – How To Tips



Weekend in Miami – How To Tips

Begin your weekend at among the many pool scenes in Miami like here in the awareness shore resort. Where it is about relaxation and rest. Ahhh!

 In Miami, staying healthy is not a chore, it is really interesting. Miami locals are seriously interested in keeping those cycling bods in shape throughout the year. Among the best discoveries?  Yoga on the beach and wind surfing.

Have a spin. In the hipsters to the VIPS there’s a club for each kind of parties, in South beach.

In The Event you are still up, try and capture the dawn. I swear, it is value it..



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Miami Travel Tips | Things to Do, Destinations, Nightlife, Restaurants, South Beach and more


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Miami Travel Tips

Welcome to Miami Travel Tips situated on the Southeastern tip of Florida.  Miami lures travelers using its year round sun and warm temperatures along ave and white sand shores a laid back vibe combinations with high energy nightlife over five million people phone the metro area residence and for voyagers there is a great deal to do from high-end shopping to exquisite dining an increasing art scene pulsing clubs shores and much more. When it comes to experiencing Miami the celebration starts in South beaches where art deco resorts line Collins Avenue in Ocean Drive on the other side of the road you’ll locate lively shores where locals and visitors come out to play catch a place on the sand to work in your suntan then catch a cocktail along with a bite in among the roads many restaurants or pubs and shut the night in among the region’s most popular clubs while in South Beach do not miss out on Lincoln Road an outside promenade where leading shops and little boutique sit side by side bordered by numerous restaurants offering delicious al fresco dining the city has been constructed actually beside the water a location where high-end houses face the inlets over the Intracoastal Waterway as much as Miami adores it shores swaying palm trees and soft winds it adores its water and on any weekend the town appears to take to its boats whether for a paddling tour, jet ski rides or a yacht charter.

Miami is a city of numerous characters and that diversity is found in the cities many neighborhoods in Little Havana you will locate Cuban and Latin American traditions in full power while there do not miss out genuine Cuban cuisine served with a Cuban java a cafecito in the local lingo.

Head on into Brickell Ave and downtown Miami and you’ll locate the city’s financial heart with office and condominium towers and stunning skyline views nearby midtown as well as the layout district back in with upscale shopping and artwork and decor retailers and while you are enjoying Miami do not miss an opportunity to see the Wynwood place a former industrial district that is been revitalized by the arts community and is now understood for the regions iconic huge murals.

It is this diversity that drives miami’s pulse so whether you are in town from beaches and sunshine urban nightlife or artwork and culture Miami never fails to deliver .

Miami Travel Tips

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Best Things to Do in Miami


Best Things to do in Miami

Hello, I am Courtney Scott. And I ‘m Sonia Gil. And we’re down in Miami in the home town of Sonia on the search for the most amazing free and inexpensive things you can do in town. In New York City I lived for 2 weeks eating just food that was free. I am pulling Courtney along to among the best kept secrets in Miami. Okay everybody welcome to a unique version of Beach Yoga! Inhale. Exhale. Down dog. Inhale. Exhale. Fine Sonia here in South Beach you can eat five star but this is really not what we are after now. No it’s not Courtney. We’re going to Las Olas Cafe that is a classic area in Miami now.

Okay so what is the particular? You also walk right into a spot such as this, and steps from each of the large resorts and you genuinely feel as if you are in Havana. I understand you are envious. You need to be! So it had been a $5 gift at yoga having a lovely dawn ok.

$each to get an enormous breakfast at Las Olas. Sonia, what is next? And South is really quite little it is just 17 roads plus they possess an excellent motorcycle sharing software where $4 dollars gets you half an hour. I really like cycling that I am aware that you just do also and when I travel, which means that is right up our street. Here you go, super easy. There are not many areas at which you can really bike on the sand who I have really been in the planet. You gotta lay back on the shore! Get somewhat novel, a blanket that is small, a small sun, sea, Sonia that is not bad.

When you would like to find out more about the best way to go on the cheap, in the event that you wanna see more of the wonderful Sonia Gil or find out about Miami, like, subscribe and comment. Ciao! .

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What Are the Most Top Things to Do in Miami?


Top Things to Do in Miami?

 Miami Visit many of the local hot spots in Miami Beach, Downtown, Coral Gables, and Coconut Grove. See Famous Sights around Beach, the Art Deco Architecture, the Colorful building and Beautiful Island of Miami Beach. Cruise across the causway to Downtown where you will have time to visit,  the internationally renown  Bayside Market Place. Continue by  checking out some amazing historic sites in Coral gables and Coconut Grove with free time to hop off at Cocowalk! 


Miami is the 44th-most populated city proper in the United States, with a population of 430,332, it is the principal, central, and most populous city of the Miami metropolitan area, and the most populous metropolis in the Southeastern United States after Washington, D.C. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Miami’s metro area is the eighth-most populous and fourth-largest urban area in the United States, with a population of around 5.5 million

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South Beach


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Miami Beach Boardwalk




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Art Deco Historic District

Head to Art Deco on Ocean Drive

The Art Deco District of Miami Beach is the first 20th century area to be recognized by the National Register of Historic Places, with 800 constructions of historical importance, most constructed between 1943 and 1923. The fanciful pastel buildings, with porthole windows, ship-like railings, sleek curves, gleaming terrazzo floors, glossy chrome, and glass blocks are eye candy that is prime.

One of South Florida’s most interesting attractions, located in the heart of the South Beach Art Deco District. WEAM’s 12,000-square-foot display is host to the world’s largest public view collection of erotic art, with thousands of fascinating, one-of-a-kind historical and contemporary pieces. The collection covers all centuries, cultures, art mediums and lifestyles. Open 11 a.m.-midnight daily, including holidays. No one under 18 years of age admitted. Admission is $15.