Epcot Orlando Review

Welcome to Epcot! Epcot is the biggest park of all Disney commons and is broken into two parts. Future World is full of educational attractions and futuristic and World Showcase, which is the world today. Where we will be able to visit various countries of the world and their cultures.

Let’s begin by Future World, the World of Tomorrow.  Spaceship Earth. Spaceship Earth is a walkthrough of the history of mankind, since the prehistoric boy through ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire the human being and the future of HoJoe. “There’s” 16 minutes animatronics robots so it is very worthwhile to enter the magical world-wide of Disney.

Another of the attractions of key sectors, for those who have the gallantry, is the Mission Space. This attraction built by NASA manufactured me gape. Genuinely I felt like a room liftoff I seemed out of the estate and land on another planet. But be careful! This simulator is centrifugal which causes the feeling of taking off and the illusion of acceleration. Because they took freshly cafe or eat or lose strong fascinations, will be better not go up.

If you enliven rise, for me its own experience was great. This part of the common we still have other educational attractions as color mania, granting play with lighting and complexions. simulated roller coasters, which schools children about physical but they got a little old in comparison with the simulators of other ballparks. Also very popular is the Test Track attraction.

The second portion is to go World Showcase. A kind of world’s fair. It is a space for tread, sauntering and marching. Each gradation, we’ll meet with a different country. With restaurants, music, indicates, markets of each country, municipalities places, and emblematic constructs rebuilt scale. For travelers who have known these cities vain if familiarizer vain and find friendly a walk around the world in two hours or more journey. Vao congregated the Disney references in home countries, as appropriate. In China, vain meet Mulan. in France the Beautiful Beast ya, Morocco Aladdin, Mexico one of three Caballeros, in Germany Snow White and Norway popular Frozen, which lota people.

If you want to take your children watch Frozen, we recommend utilizing the Fast Pass.

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Top 10 Things to do in Orlando You Might Not Know About

Today we’ll be visiting Orlando Florida to check out the top 10 things to do as you know Orlando is the entertainment capital of the world and the number one tourist destination Orlando has something for everyone and our headquarters is located in Orlando well let’s take a look at the top ten starting at:

Number 10 is Gator land Gator lands is a hundred and ten acre theme park and wildlife preserve combining old Florida charm with exciting new exhibits and entertainment making it Orlando’s best half-day attraction you can pet the Gators just kidding you can get it close but no petting Gator land also has a variety of shows a zipline and much more.

Number 9 the Orlando Magic if you’re ever around gorge basketball season you will certainly enjoy a great game the magic started in 1989 and some of the stars who have played for the Magic include Shaquille O’Neal Penny Hardaway Patrick Ewing Grant Hill Tracy McGrady Dwight Howard Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis if you’re ever here while they’re playing at home you should definitely catch a game because you will not be disappointed.

Number eight we find the Blue Man Group if you’ve never been to a Blue Man Group show you have not lived ok I’m exaggerating a bit but it is truly an unforgettable show be sure to check out the Blue Man Group when you visit the city beautiful.

Number seven we find Orlando city soccer now if you want to see some amazing soccer crazy bands you want to see the Orlando city soccer team play a major league soccer season begins in March and ends in October so there’s plenty of opportunities to see the hometown team play come out and see their brand new stadium right downtown.

Number six spot we find Cocoa Beach a very popular destination for beachgoers Coco Beach is technically not in Orlando in fact it’s about 45 minutes away however when you do visit Orlando Cocoa Beach is certainly a must while you’re there you can visit Ranjan surf shop a very popular surf shop you can relax on the beach swim surf kayak and much more,

Number five is Kennedy Space Center another must do while you’re visiting Orlando Kennedy Space Center is also about 45 minutes from Orlando and this is actually one of my favorite places to go and if you ever wonder what it takes to go to space well you can find out at Kennedy Space Center you can even have lunch with an astronaut and get the astronaut experience and if you time it just right one of the coolest experience to witness is a launch live you’ll never forget it.

Number four is Legoland a 150-acre interactive theme park that offers more than 50 rides shows and attractions restaurants shopping a breathtaking Botanical Garden and the Legoland waterpark all geared families with children ages 2 to 12 make sure you check out LEGO City.

Number 3 is SeaWorld. SeaWorld has some of the best one for the entire family and my personal favorites are the rollercoasters Manta Kraken Mako and I also like the ride Journey to Atlantis and here are a few tips for you you can feed the sea lions dolphins and stingrays but be sure to check the day schedule for feeding time another tip is to skip the lines with quick cue unlimited passes and lastly bring a waterproof camera.

Number 2 is Universal Orlando now I would highly suggest you get a two day pass for this one because Universal actually has two separate parks there’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios they both have rides for the entire family and I would suggest you do one park a day so be sure to check out the Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey ride one of my favorites and be sure to plan out your rides before you head out to Universal and lastly the

Number 1 is Disney World the happiest place on earth if you’ve never been to Disney World you haven’t lived and it is certainly one of the best places to visit not only in Orlando but in the entire world when you come you need to make it a Disney vacation with so many things to do and see you really never have to leave the park and you can even stay at one of Disney’s fabulous resorts now remember you can skip lines and you can schedule it way in advance with fast passage so do so as early as possible to avoid long line well thank you for watching the top 10 things to do in Orlando what do you think we’d love to hear from you and for more top 10 videos please visit our website at 24 flexkom and follow us on all social media at 24 flicks my name is Camilla and you can follow me at medium close-up thanks again for watching and see you guys next time

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Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Orlando Top Most Anticipated Things To Do

Looking for the top things to do in Orlando, Florida on your next trip? One of our travelers’ favorite attractions is Walt Disney World, which is only a short 10 to 15-minute drive from Kissimmee or Lake Buena Vista.

Whether you’re taking the kids or simply exploring the park with loved ones, it’s a fantastic stop while visiting Florida. The family can spend a whole week exploring Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

But let’s not forget all the water parks near Orlando and Kissimmee! Besides enjoying Disney’s Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon, Aquatica: SeaWorld’s Water Park has fast slides and areas for both kids and adults. SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove even offers encounters with otters and dolphins and their Freshwater Oasis is home to many colorful birds and wildlife to interact with while wading through the water. For those of you that like fishing, there are more than 21,000 acres that make up the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes to cast a line.

Many of the systems in the area are known for producing massive award-winning fish, including Lake Toho, which is one of the best spots to catch bass in the US! There are also dozens of places to golf near Kissimmee or Orlando, Florida that feature beautiful views and challenging holes. Plus, Florida is bustling with tons of shopping centers to unwind and treat yourself on your trip such as The Florida Mall or the Orlando Premium Outlets.


Video Review: Ten Best Rides at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida

Here is a great video review of the ten best rides at Universal Studios in Orlando.  It has had tons of views.  So click on the video

to check out the 10 best rides at Universal Studios, Orlando.


Top 10 Orlando Florida attractions

Top 10 Orlando Florida attractions

The city of Orlando Florida is one of the perfect family-oriented hot vacation spots in Florida, which draws tens of millions of visitors every year from around the world. Whether you are planning a vacation or day trip, there are many world-class attractions great and small in Orlando. Let’s look at top 10 Orlando Florida attractions.

Orlando Florida

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is the most popular family attraction in the city of Orlando. Some of the top attractions that entertain people of all ages include the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot Theme Park, and MGM Studios. Downtown Disney provides adults with great shopping, restaurants, theaters, and music venues.


Walt Disney World is a sprawling property that offers all kinds of attractions and entertainment for people of all ages. It is composed of four theme parks: the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom; two water parks: Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Blizzard Beach; and numerous hotels, shopping, dining and entertainment complex. Some of its iconic sights and rides include Cinderella Castle, it’s a small world, and Spaceship Earth. Walt Disney World is Florida’s most popular family attractions.


Orlando Florida

Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando consists of two theme parks: Universal Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida. Universal Studios Florida is the place for you if you want to enjoy your favorite stories, movies, comic books and cartoons in the form of live shows. Universal Islands of Adventure offers all kinds of cutting-edge thrill rides. It consists of five separate islands with each island having its own unique theme, offering rides and various other forms of entertainment.

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Gatorland is home to thousands of alligators and crocodiles. You can meet animals face-to-face in the park. You can get a real feel for Everglades nature and animals. Visitors can take a train ride through the 110-acre theme park and wildlife preserve.

Check out this video of some of Gaterland’s gators.


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Islands of Adventure

Islands of Adventure is the world’s most technologically advanced theme park that attracts thrill-seekers from around the world. It offers terrifying roller coasters, three-heart-stopping water attractions, and stunningly thrill rides to those visitors who like to live dangerously. Here you can enjoy rides and eye catching sights.

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Wet n’ Wild

Wet n’ Wild is one of Orlando’s best water parks and top attractions. It offers an awesome collection of rides and family activities for visitors of all ages. Here you can enjoy a range of rides with thrills.

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SeaWorld in Orlando, with its huge aquariums, is one of the largest marine parks in the world and attracts a large family visitors. Here you’ll find dolphin and whale shows, touch pools, extensive list of heat-pounding rides, fountains and fireworks. SeaWorld allows the visitors to get up close and personal with dolphins and other creatures.

Check out this relaxing sea turtle video filed at Seaworld.


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Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove is one of the premier attractions of Orlando. It offers the visitors the opportunity to experience some of the mysteries of the sea, including swimming with the dolphins, snorkeling with tropical fish and stingrays along a reef, wading among stingrays, and floating on a scenic river in a tropical island setting. On land, you can feed tropical birds in Discovery Cove’s Explorer’s Aviary or hang out on the beach, relaxing in lounge chairs on the beach. It is an extremely popular place for visitors.

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Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon is one of Walt Disney World’s most popular water parks where visitors can find all kinds of slides and rides. There’s a wave pool for surfing and areas for children to enjoy themselves. It has a Shark Reef which gives you an opportunity to swim with leopard, bonnet head sharks as well as sting rays and other fish.

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Universal City Walk

It’s a huge entertainment complex adjacent to Universal Studios and a pedestrian thorough fair, with numerous shops, restaurants, movie theater and nightclubs, providing day and night entertainment.

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Kennedy Space Center and Visitor Complex

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is worth a visit if you are a space enthusiast and interested in knowing about NASA history. It is only 50 miles from Orlando.  Here you’ll find the Rocket Garden, home to a vast collection of various rockets, Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 14 space suit, the space shuttle Atlantis, the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, and NASA’s former launch countdown clock.

When you visit the city of Orlando of Florida, you’ll never have to scrounge for things to do in Orlando. From shows and theme parks to natural sites and technological wonders, it is the most popular destinations for tourists in Florida.a





Orlando Sightseeing Guide


Orlando Sightseeing Guide

With over two million individuals, Orlando is the state’s third biggest metropolis. For parents planning to spend quality time with their children, and thrill seekers, only one thing: actions is meant by Orlando! It’s where imaginations run wild. Sure, there are inner city draws in Orlando, botanic gardens, art museums, and a few wonderful sculpture gardens, but most folks come here to see theme parks! They can be laughter inspiring scream inducing and educational. They make you intend to stay throughout the day tomorrow, and go.

They’ve much to offer which you wonder how you all can fit it in in a single visit. The Orlando Theme Parks will be the ride of your lifetime! Possibly the most charming of all, and the most well-known local attraction, is Walt Disney World. The place to find out all of the cartoon characters of your youth present them for your kids and come to life. Cuddles is dancing, and are free in the Universal Resort! You don’t need to be a child to adore most famous water parks in the nation, among the earliest and Wet ‘n Wild. Whether you come by yourself, or bring friends and family, your loved ones, you’ll be able to splash around without becoming bored. Dive into SeaWorld for rides that are thrilling.

They live with other large marine creatures in the aquarium that is tremendous. Is the dolphin show – it’s actually stunning missed by n’t! Bound in to join these intelligent marine mammals – a confrontation you’ll never forget! Prepare to get your perceptions deceived at WonderWorks. The upside down building is packed with encounters that are daring which you shouldn’t attempt in the home. Envision developing an entire city! Zoom around in a small automobile, see a Lego theatre show and admire the miniature replicas of large Florida highlights including the Kennedy Space Center. The particular Space Centre will be to the east of town on Merritt Island. Go and check giant rockets out and meet with an astronaut. Measure inside Gatorland to find out about the area wildlife. It’s your opportunity to see these big reptiles up close and personal, including these incredibly rare white alligators.

See you! Whiz kids is likely to be attracted to the Science Center at the place where they are able to find the inner workings of gravitation, electricity and magnetism. There’s a lot to understand here!

With neon signs which will point one to the many eateries and live shows the Universal Orlando Resort lights up at nighttime. Come for your family holiday of a very long time to Orlando. With theme parks and all its natural beauty, the town has something to offer for everybody!.

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