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 Things to do in Florida Things to do in Florida


 Hello everybody and welcome to the Florida Keys. In today’s video, I’m going to disclose my top 10 things to do in Key West. I’m journeying, going with my RV Wherever I want to be Because I’m free, in my RV. Number 10, Southernmost Point. You know perform the line, take the picture, get it out of the direction. You know it’s not really...

 Things to do in Florida Things to do in Florida

Tour of St Augustine, Florida: America’s Oldest City |

Take a peek around St. Augustine. It’s such a treasure! This charming city is simply full of surprises like cool concerts under the trees and breezy restaurants with sparkling lights. Welcome to the nation’s oldest city. Sweet shops, pizza joints, and sangria bars, oh my! You can’t count the number of places for a romantic toast around here. The...

 Things to do in Floridakey-west

Florida Travel: Key Largo to Key West: Best of the Keys

Florida-Keys For this post, we start in Key Largo and make our way all the way down to Key West, as we share with you some of our greatest memories of filming in the Florida Keys. But first up, we go to Key Largo, and take you on an undersea petting zoo adventure. You are  going to love it. Something we call the creature feature. One of the best dives in the area is...